Current Poultry Selection

Updated 10/23/18

Hatched 07/25/18  Bantam assortment str. run

Hatched 08/29/18 Golden Sex Link pullets, Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets, Cochin pullets, Rhode Island Red pullets, Barred Rock pullets, Buff Orpington pullets, Delaware pullets.

Hatched 09/28/18 Barred Rock pullets, Buff Orpington pullets, Speckled Sussex pullets, Light Brahma pullets, Easter Egger pullets.

Hatched 10/10/18 Light, Dark, Buff Brahmas, Black Giants, Crested Special str. run, Bantams str. run

We will try to keep this list up to date as possible, but it is always best to call and check on our current selection.  All chicks are ordered with Merrecks vaccinations.