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Current Poultry Selection

Updated 04/14/20

Some of the hatcheries greatly reduce the selection of chicks during the winter months or shut down entirely.  Most of what is hatched are the most popular and the best layers.  Keep in mind before you buy that not all birds are best suited to backyard flocks.  Some birds do not necessarily do well in smaller areas or confinement. 

We have experienced an unprecedented demand for poultry this month and are out of everything except a few chicks.  The hatcheries are sold out on almost everything for the next couple of months mostly because of seasonal demand, but also because of the current situation across the country.  By the beginning of summer most hatcheries are overstocked and chicks are readily available.

We will try to keep this list up to date as possible, but it is always best to call and check on our current selection.  All chicks are ordered with Merrecks vaccinations.